Büschges Lab (University of Cologne)

We are closely collaborating with the Büschges Lab on our C3NS NeuroNex project studying the descending control of locomotion. Currently, Michael Dübbert and Till Bockemühl are helping us put together the latest generation of fly virtual reality arenas (with help from Michael Reiser at Janelia). We are also working on a secret mission to have at least 50% of the Büschges Lab moving to Würzburg by 2022.

Haluk Lacin, PhD (Washington University in St. Louis)

We are collaborating with Haluk on a project that involves chewing lots of food (preferably Iskender).

Carlos Ribeiro, PhD (Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown)

Carlos and his team are experts in nutrition, and we are collaborating on a project that aims to resolve how sensory inputs converge onto modulatory networks that set and respond to metabolic state changes. The Ribeiro lab is developing and running nifty behavioral experiments for this project, which, combined with our circuits work, help us understand the circuits underlying food-sensing.

Prof. Sabine Fischer (CCTB, Würzburg) and Lorenzo Fontolan, PhD (HHMI, Janelia Research Campus)

Sabine and Lorenzo are modeling experts and enthusiasts, who are helping us build theoretical models of the modulatory circuits we are characterizing electrophysiologically.

Prof. Tanja Godenschwege (Florida Atlantic University)

Tanja is a visiting scientist with the lab and together we are working on some nifty molecular signaling pathways.

Prof. Mark Frye (UCLA)

The Frye and Ache labs share an interest in modulation of visual sensorimotor pathways, and we’ve recently acquired funding from BaCaTec to help kickstart our joint foray into that world.

Gwyneth M. Card, PhD (HHMI, Janelia Research Campus

We are working on characterizing the networks underlying landing responses in Drosophila with Jan’s postdoc advisor, Gwyneth Card. This project is supported by a Janelia visitor project grant.

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